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Chinese Dog Breeds

Friday, March 22, 2013 @ 11:03 PM  posted by Dog Breeds Info

The Appeal of Chinese Dog Breeds

Just like canines from any other part of the globe, Chinese dog breeds are very unique and possess individual traits that make them stand out. There are a few very popular breeds from this Asian country as well as some lesser-known that might make a great pet for your family.

The Shar Pei

Shar PeiWith its heavy wrinkles and tightly curled tail, the Shar Pei is unmistakable. Its name translates to mean “sand skin” which accurately describes the dog’s coarse, rough coat. In 1978, this breed was labeled the worlds’ rarest. It wasn’t until 1991 that the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Shar Pei as an official breed.

There are actually different types of Shar Pei, both of which share their trademark blue-black tongue. The western version can have a brush, horse or bear coat. The traditional Chinese Shar Pei has fewer wrinkles, stands taller and has a flatter nose and mouth. This breed requires proper socialization from a young age. They can be very strong willed and often act territorial but also show love and affection to the families who adopt them.

The Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is another breed that is easy to identify because of its unusual appearance. This canine can be born hairless. Those that fall into the furless category actually have long hair on their paws, tail and head (which gives them the “crested” appearance) while the rest of the body is bare. A Powderpuff version also exists which is covered entirely in a long coat. A female Chinese Crested can have both types of puppy in the same litter.

Compact size makes this breed ideal for homes with less space, such as condos and apartments. The Chinese Crested does not like to be left alone for long and is a very playful and friendly companion for individuals of all ages. They are also very willing to please and respond best to positive reinforcement when training.

The Shih Tzu

shih tzuThe Shih Tzu was bred in China but has become a popular breed in many other countries. They are recognizable by their small size and flat face. A purebred Shih Tzu will have large eyes that are dark in color and a double coat. A height of less than 10.5 inches is average with a weight of between 10 to 16 pounds for an adult.

Many families have fallen in love with the Shih Tzu’s gentle personality. The dog is very loyal and personable. Although they are not intimidating to look at, they will make noise to alert the family of strangers. They are generally friendly with children, visitors and other pets.

While the Shih Tzu sounds like a great companion animal, potential owners should learn about potential health problems that are common with this breed. Immune system issues that lead to hypothyroidism can cause weight gain, hair loss and lethargy but can be treated with medication. The breed is also prone to breathing problems because of its face shape. As long as new owners adopt from reputable breeders and know the risks, the Shih Tzu can be one of the most appealing Chinese dog breeds available.

Shih Tzu Poodle Mix

Thursday, February 2, 2012 @ 11:02 AM  posted by Mr.Ekachai

The Shih Tzu Poodle mix is a hybrid dog that is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the Poodle.  This is a small dog so the Poodle variety that is usually used in the cross is either the Toy Poodle or the Miniature Poodle and not the larger Standard Poodle, although that would be possible.  These dogs are also known as Shih Poos.


The Shih Tzu and the Poodles (all varieties) are two of the most popular breeds of all dogs in the U.S. and in many other countries, so it’s no surprise that crossing these breeds would produce a dog that is also popular.  However, whenever breeds are crossed there is no guarantee which breed the puppies will resemble.  Some of the puppies may look more like the Shih Tzu parent and some may look more like the Poodle parent.  Hybrid dogs are not necessarily more healthy than purebred dogs.  If the parents have health problems, they can pass them on to their puppies.  Many hybrid breeders claim that breeding this way will produce “hybrid vigor” but this is untrue.  This is not crossing two different species so it’s not true hybrid vigor in a biological or agricultural sense.  All of these dogs are the same species.  If they share similar health problems then it’s likely that the puppies will inherit those problems, too.

People often choose to use Poodles to crossbreed dogs because they do not shed much, if at all, and they are good for people with allergies.  Some Shih Tzu Poodle mix puppies may have a coat that doesn’t shed much but you should meet the individual puppies so you can see which ones have a coat that is more like a Poodle coat.


The Shih Poo may resemble either the Shih Tzu parent or the Poodle parent.  Some Shih Poo have curlier coats while others have a fluffier, straighter coat.  They come in many colors, like Poodles, but they can also be parti-color with a white front, like Shih Tzus.  Some Shih Poo will have a longer muzzle, like Poodles and others will have the Shih Tzu’s shorter muzzle.  Some dogs will combine traits from their parents.  Most dogs will have a black nose and dark eyes.  They are typically small dogs but it’s impossible to say exactly how small or large they will be since any variety of Poodle can be crossed with the Shih Tzu to produce the Shih Poo.  Shih Tzus stand up to 11 inches tall and weigh up to 16 pounds which is somewhat comparable to the Miniature Poodle.

Before getting a Shih Poo puppy it’s recommended that you see the puppies in person so you can know in advance what your puppy will be like.  Otherwise, there can be a wide variety in the puppies.

The Shih Poo may or may not have a coat similar to the Poodle.  Coats that are more similar to the Poodle parent are more desirable if you have allergies as they shed very little and these dogs are often considered to be hypoallergenic, though no dogs are completely hypoallergenic.


Both the Poodle and the Shih Tzu are great pets, so it’s not surprising that the Shih Poo would also make a good pet.  Again, Shih Tzus may resemble one parent more than the other in temperament, but both parent breeds usually have pleasant temperaments. The Poodle is highly intelligent and easy to train. They love to be the center of attention and show off.  The Shih Tzu is sweet, gentle, and playful, but they are able to stand up for themselves.  Combined in the Shih Poo, this little hybrid can be confident and very intelligent. They are usually very playful and a fun, active little dog.  They are usually happy and affectionate.


The Shih Tzu Poodle mix makes a nice pet.  They are a small dog that comes in many colors.  If you need a dog that is good for someone with allergies, try to meet all the puppies in a litter so you can choose one which has a coat more like a Poodle.