Beagle Dog Training

Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 05:10 PM  posted by Mr.Ekachai

Beagles are considered to have average or above average intelligence. However, Beagles are hunting dogs and they are used to working in the field on their own, making their own decisions. They do not always listen to their owners or check with them before doing something. Beagles can be quite independent and this can make them hard to train. They are sweet, loving dogs but Beagle dog training can take some patience.

Early Training

Ideally, training your Beagle will begin when he is a puppy. Beagle puppies, like all puppies, should be well-socialized. Take your puppy with you to places where he can meet some friendly people who will pet him. Let him meet some friendly puppies and dogs. Allow him to go places and see things so he won’t be scared of new things. These experiences will help to build your puppy’s confidence. Puppies who are well-socialized when they are young have fewer behavior problems when they are adults.

You can also enroll your Beagle puppy in a puppy preschool or puppy kindergarten class. These classes are often offered by pet stores, animal shelters, kennel clubs, and dog trainers. You puppy can meet friendly people and play with some other puppies. He can learn some manners. And some classes also teach some basic obedience.

Beagle Dog Training

You can begin formally training your Beagle with some basic obedience lessons when he’s 8 to 12 weeks old. By this age your puppy will be old enough to start learning some commands such as Sit and Come.

There are a couple of different approaches you can take to training your Beagle. You can sign up for a dog training class. These classes are usually offered by pet stores, animal shelters, kennel clubs, and by training centers run by dog trainers. Or, you can train your dog yourself. There are lots of DVDs, CDs, and good books on training dogs available. If you run into trouble with your training you can always join a class with your dog later.

What Your Dog Should Learn

Basic obedience commands that your Beagle should learn include Sit, Come, Lie Down, Heel, and to walk on a loose leash. Once your dog knows these basic commands you can work on doing them off-leash, but this will come later, after your dog can do the commands every time you tell him. A dog has to be very reliable before you start trying to train him off the leash. When training off leash you will need to start training in an enclosed area so your dog won’t escape or get out into traffic. Most people start off leash training inside the house.

Training Methods

There are several different training methods you can use for Beagle dog training. The most popular kind of training right now is positive reinforcement. This method uses praise and rewards for the dog. When the dog does what you tell him to do you give him lots of praise and a reward, such as a food treat. If the dog doesn’t do what you tell him, or he doesn’t understand you, you ignore what he does and keep repeating the lesson. This method doesn’t rely on correction or punishment but it encourages the dog to want to please you. Clicker training is one kind of positive reinforcement training.

Traditional dog training, exemplified by the Koehler Method, is another dog training method. This method was popular prior to the 1990s and it is still used by some trainers. This training method uses a slip chain collar. The dog is given slight corrective jerks with the collar. At times you need to use your hands to position your dog for sitting or lying down by pushing on his hips or shoulders. This is not a cruel method of training if done properly.

Some people also combine methods or just use whatever works for their dog. And other people try to use dog whispering for their dog. However, dog whispering is not really a training method. It is an approach to handling dogs that tries to make the human the “alpha” or leader in the relationship, but it doesn’t offer any specifics about training your dog for obedience.


Beagle dog training should start by socializing your Beagle well when he’s a puppy. Teach him good manners at home and start basic obedience training. You can teach him basic commands yourself or sign up for a good obedience class. Choose a training method that works for you and your dog.