The Blue Tick Beagle and Beagle Colors

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The most common Beagle color is the tricolor, or dogs that have white with black and light brown on them, but Beagles can come in many hound colors. The blue tick Beagle is one of the less well-known Beagle colors.

Beagle Colors

Beagles come in many colors but the color most often seen is the tricolor. This color usually consists of a dog with a black saddle, where the black covers the back in a saddle pattern, and light brown covers other upper parts of the dog’s body. White is splashed over the legs and chest. However there are other types of tricolors found in Beagles such as dark tricolors. In this case the the light brown color can be mixed with the black markings. There is also a faded tricolor. With these dogs a few black hairs are mixed in with the light brown color. In some cases dogs that are tricolor can have a pied pattern. These dogs are mostly white with some patches of black and brown color. Most tricolor Beagles are born white with black. Some of the areas with black may start changing to brown as the puppy starts getting older. It can take up to two years for a Beagle’s brown color to become fully apparent. In some cases a Beagle can change color during the course of their lives. Some dogs entirely lose their black coloring.

Other Color Patterns

Beagles come in other color patterns besides tricolor. Beagles that have two colors feature a base color that is white with parts of their body that are the second color. The most common of these other colors are the tan and white Beagles but there are lots of others such as the lemon and white Beagle, which is a very light tan color. There is also a red and white Beagle which is almost orange in color. Beagles also come in liver and white and black and white. LIver and white dogs are not seen very often. The liver color is unacceptable in some countries’ breed standards and liver and white dogs usually have yellow eyes.


Some Beagles are ticked or flecked with color. These dogs are usually black and white with dark ticking. This is called a blue ticked Beagle. The specks look like the same kind of ticking that appears on a Blue Tick Coonhound or some other hound breeds. Tricolor Beagles can also have this kind of ticking. The ticking appears in the dog’s white hairs. It’s possible for the dogs to have orange ticking, too.

Which Beagle Is Best?

All of these Beagle colors can appear in different litters, depending on the colors of the parents. They are all the same breed of dog with the same temperament, same health issues, same good things and bad things about them. The blue tick Beagle is no different than his tricolor or tan and white littermates. A dog that is a blue tick Beagle should not cost any more or less than other Beagles.


Beagles come in lots of colors though the most common is the tricolor. The blue tick Beagle is another color pattern for the Beagle and it can be found in the same litters as dogs with other colors.

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