Pocket Beagles For Sale

Wednesday, October 19, 2011 @ 03:10 PM  posted by Mr.Ekachai

Pocket Beagles are an attempt to recreate a small type of Beagle that was popular in the 16th century. These small Beagles stand between 7 and 12 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh only 7 to 15 pounds. You can find Pocket Beagles for sale online though there are not many people breeding these dogs.


Beagle-type dogs for hunting have been known in the British Isles for hundreds of years. It became very popular to keep packs of Beagles for hunting in the 16th century. Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I were both fond of hunting and kept small Beagles, which were called Pocket Beagles or Glove Beagles, because of their small size. It was said that the dogs could fit into a pocket or into the palm of a glove. Allegedly people could put the dogs into their saddlebags and take them hunting. Beagles were later used to produce Foxhounds for foxhunting and in the 19th century the size of the Beagle became standardized. Beagles today are up to 15 inches tall and they can weigh up to 25 pounds.

Beagle Traits

Beagle traits, which are said to be shared by Pocket Beagles, include having a cheerful, sweet, and gentle disposition. Beagles make very good family dogs and love children. They are usually playful and friendly. They can be quite comical and they like to make their owners laugh.

Beagles are still used as hunting dogs today and they may dig to get out of your backyard. They have a great sense of smell and they will follow any kind of prey they smell. Beagles are said to be of average or above average intelligence but they can be hard to train. As hunting dogs they are used to making their own decisions out in the field and they don’t always listen when people tell them to do something. Training a Beagle takes patience. The same may be true for Pocket Beagles. Beagles are affectionate but they can be independent, too.

Health Problems

Beagles are generally healthy dogs but they can be prone to epilepsy, glaucoma and other eye problems, and hypothyroidism. Disc problems can occur with their backs. Dwarfism can occur in the breed. Pocket Beagles, as a mini version of the Beagle, can be subject to all of the same health problems. Whenever a breed is downsized, health problems can be magnified. If you are thinking of getting a Pocket Beagle you should talk to the breeder and ask questions about the puppies, their parents, and the breeder’s breeding program. Some Pocket Beagles for sale have been bred down in size from full-size Beagles, which can be done with enough patience. However, some breeders have produced Pocket Beagles by crossbreeding with other breeds. This can introduce other possible health problems into the bloodlines so ask the breeder how they have bred their dogs.

Other Things You Should Know

Beagles and Pocket Beagles shed a lot so you will need to brush your dog regularly and vacuum the house on an ongoing basis to keep dog hair from becoming a problem. Otherwise the coat for a Pocket Beagle should be easy to care for. Pocket Beagles have long, floppy ears and they should be cleaned often to make sure they don’t develop any infections. Beagles, and Pocket Beagles, are prone to gaining weight so watch how much you feed your dog and make sure he continues to get plenty of exercise as he gets older.


Beagles are a happy, sweet, and gentle breed and it’s not hard to find Beagle breeders. There are a few people who breed Pocket Beagles for sale and you can find them online. Be sure to inquire about the health of their dogs, the health of their puppies, and how they produced their small-sized dogs.