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What Type of Dog is Best for Me

What Type of Dog is Best for Me?: How to Choose the Perfect Canine Companion

Many potential pet owners ask “what type of dog is best for me?” as they begin the search for a companion. The answer is not a simple one because canines come in so many sizes, colors and temperaments. Every household is a unique situation that may be well suited to one breed but not another. There are a few key areas to look at that can help you narrow down your options to find the best breeds that match your lifestyle.

Can Canine Energy Levels Damage Your Home?

Energy level is one of the first things that should be considered before you adopt. If you have a small yard, live in an urban setting or apartment or simply do not spend much time in the outdoors, then you probably want a low energy pet. Placing a high energy breed such as a herding dog in a confined situation can lead to behavior issues. A dog that has too much pent up energy can become destructive and will cure their boredom by chewing your belongings, scratching doors and potentially damaging your home.

Even if your living space is tight, you can still adopt a higher energy breed. Just keep in mind that if you choose to go this route you will have to make time to exercise the dog properly. Daily walks and separate playtime will be a requirement.

What Natural Behaviors Will Disrupt Your Life?

Behind every breed is a purpose. Humans have identified the specific traits in different dogs and bred them to enhance those traits. While they may be a valuable asset in a working situation, they can be disruptive in your home. For example, the Beagle is prone to baying and is a determined and relentless tracker. This could make life at home difficult as your adorable little Beagle begins making loud noises and attempts to escape you when he or she catches a curious scent.

Do You Have Favorite Dog-Friendly Activities?

Many dog owners want their pet to be an active part of their life. That often includes favorite activities that they would like to share with the dog. Make sure the breed you choose can handle the hobbies you would like to include him or her in. A Shih Tzu is a great companion at home but they aren’t known for their endurance.  If you would like to run a marathon with your dog, look for a pet with more stamina like a hound or herding breed.

How Much Free Time is Available for Your Dog?

It is important to note here that all dogs regardless of size or breed require time. Some require more of it than others.  There are breeds that become very attached to their owners and want to always be by their side while others are more aloof and don’t mind being left alone for short periods. Make sure your schedule and personal preferences match up with the needs of the breed you are considering.